Soviet red floods the riverbeds
Of Orthodox hysteria
As tower bloc lights fade
Into the wastelands of Siberia

A sea of shaved heads
Slave away in the quarry
Through the night
As skin is tattooed
Splintering with frost bite

As the statue of liberty
Crumbles away
Eyes as cold as eagles
Invade the world’s skies
Scanning their prey


Through the gates of heaven
Lies an abyss of stars
Memories flickering like twilight
Onto a crashed scrapheap of souls

Skulls blooming with flowers
A nuclear heart of the prophet beating
Running underpowered

God sits regally on his throne
Rolling his marbles
Seeds dispersed from his fingertips
Light bulbs of brains
Sizzled out with one switch

His legs dangling
Above the universe
As people swarm underneath
Like a colony of ants

The Joy a human being can create

If I was a tree
I would wrap my branches
Around your shoulders

Warm you with my leaves
Stroke you with my fern
Rocking you to sleep like a hammock
Under a blanket of stars

Such beauty can be found on this planet
Amongst the evil in our lives
That has vanished

A thoughtful gentleman with husky blue eyes
With innocence and purity
That my inner devil would despise

The Narcissist

White doves flock from temples
As walls break down like mirrors
Whilst statues of marble and stone
Erupt into muscular mutants

A phoenix crawls from the ashes
Echoes of her heart smashing with shivers
As women are dragged along in chains
Stroking the narcissists ego again

Running his hand down the reptilian scales on his chest
He deliberately begins to slowly undress
As his horse thighs capsize
Onto the bride he’s impregnating on his bed
Whilst the mirrors reflect his body above his head

Angels look down in disgust
As lonely women succumb to lust
Though those looking for love
Will leave carrying their broken porcelain hearts
To be dumped in the scrap yard
In the dark

Dreaming of all the women dusted on his shelf
His orgasm won’t erupt again
Until the muscular image appears of himself

The fear of heartbreak

Tears freeze over
Creating lakes of ice
As smoke pumps out from the chimney tops
Engulfing the birds above

Raw meat is sliced during the night
Every cut going deeper
Like a bad memory
Stitched up mental scars come undone
Whilst I’m lying tenderly in your arms

Defrosting my heart
A beat echo’s the street
As lips begin to run with blood
Kissing each other, smothering each other
Till there is nothing left of each other

Carolyn’s fingers

Carolyn’s fingers
Pale and slender
Picking at harp strings
Ringing like doves
In the night sky

Moon lit under the stars
Launching her paper boat
Into the reservoir

Covering her room with origami
Paper chain children
Are disjointed by her hands
As she cuts off her family tree
With scissors

Her eyes
Pale as two grey clouds
Begin to trickle
And shimmer

Fallen Empires

Skittles of skulls roll
As Empires fall
Leaving vultures empty handed

Sinking sand lies in the palm of my hand
Trapping their flies who spy
That have landed

A clench of the fist
To a snake biting hiss
Tells their dreams
Can’t be granted

A flash in the air
Of hurricane despair
Damages their armies beyond
Oil and repair

With my bloodied hands full
Their Empires can’t be mended

New York Dream

Fragments of glass
Lie scattered over the New York underpass
As drenched heads
Dart through the rain

I slip on a leather glove
Naked only wearing boots
Cars hoot at me on the sidewalk
As Droplets of rain
Melt down my face

Ashamed and disgraced
I huddle into a gutter
Lighting my cigarette
Burning it down my chest
Staring at the bread crumbs
That the pigeons were fed

Broken hearts are burnt in bins
As incinerated figures sip petrol for liquor
Newspapers covered
With images of dead lovers
Lives scrunched up
And thrown into the gutter