Invisible Enemy

Spinster sparrow

Swings around the tree

Tall and spindly

Swaying on a spring breeze

Eyes flicker like rivers

Sparkling in the sun

Patients shiver

As nature’s work

Comes undone


Blue glow engulfs the room

As spirits leave their shells far too soon


Police patrol with a glare

As the invisible enemy dances around us

Freely in the air.



Poem by Jeremy Warder 2020

The Painter


Under the mirrored hall

Champagne sparkles like rain

Wolves eyes entice

Melting the sheep’s hearts like ice


Staring out to the city

Smoke escapes the painter’s mouth

Snow falls like confetti

From the skyscrapers above


Colourful darts explode onto his canvas

Slashing away memories

With the knife of his paint brush


Tearing out of his painting

The bird breaks away

Flying above monochrome skies and icy lakes

To shine in it’s truth

For the rest of it’s days.



Painting by Robert Ioan. Poem by Jeremy Warder 2019.

Car Crash Moon


Blue blistered moon

Dissolves upon the fall

Of car crashed souls


Smoke rises from out of the woods

Headlights blinding like the sun

Angels fly down the freeway

At a hundred miles per hour

Darting through the night


Infiltrating the minds of sleepers

Behind the wheel

Steering drivers to the nearest exit

From deaths claws.






Octopus scrambles on top of the rocks

Under the icicles of the moon

Ink clouds the sky

As oceans run dry

Volcanic eyes

Lurking in the dark

Piercing it’s tentacles

Like a harpoon through the heart



Illustration by Issy Veysey
Poem by Jeremy Warder 2019


Mountain tops rain down with butterflies

Sparkling like scattered memories

Falling out of the clouds


Blood orange skies

Dissolve like teardrops upon the eyelids

Of the old and frail

The snow coated and pale


Angels stare down from the bridge

Upon the moonlit port side

Dancing upon the cities rustic spine

Fluttering around the trams like fireflies

All through the night

Carnation revolution

Ivory bone
Cast into instrument
Staring alone at the stars
Upon a scrapheap of cars

Carnations stuffed in rifles
Rise out from the soils of blue
Soldiers eyes glimmering
With a reflective violet hue

Cabinets of curiosities
Leak with rust
Books nailed with skeleton shells
Explode into memories of dust


We tie our fears
Around the strings of a kite
Releasing them off skyscrapers
Ten miles high

Letting go of sorrow
In the blink of an eye
Burning a trail for tomorrow
Across mirrors of fire

Dreams scattered upon the rooftops
Glisten like beams of glass
Fragile to the earthquakes
Of the cities underpass

Skeleton structures
Claw out to the stars
Cranes dismantling concrete bodies
Over a sea of cars


Written by Jeremy Warder 2017

Afterlife (lyrics)

Verse 1

Stop the clock
Reverse the curse
Call up the nurse
Enter the afterlife
And be cured by a bat winged midwife


Cos I’m ready for the next stage
Ready for the next stage

Cos I’m ready for the next stage
Ready for the next stage

From the bats of hell
To the sinking islands on the Seychelles
I’m ready for the next stage
Next stage with you

Verse 2

Tame the beast
Unlock the cage
Rivers of rage
Fly from the fangs beneath
And into the sky
Like a butterfly unleashed


The tiger held me to the ground
He could smell my fear
Out of the crowd

Oh jesus come and fuse my soul
I’m the bat Queen of rock n’roll

Bats of hell
Sinking islands on the Seychelles
I’m ready for the next stage
Ready for the next stage with you

Lyrics Jeremy Warder 2017

The Fame Tiger

The fame hungry tiger
Devours it’s prey
Under octopus tentacles
Hanging like starfruit
Rotting under the tree

Seeds burst
Like words from the heart
Left to dry
In a puddle of ink
On the floor

Under a mirrored moon
His muscular body sleeps
Upon the sands of a lunar beach

Slowly I creep
Opening his beautiful mouth
Staring at the cavity
Of his sharp teeth