Jeremy Warder is a freelance animator, illustrator and writer, who specialises in creating films, characters and atmospheres. During his teens he developed an interest in animation and was inspired by Marc Chagall, George Grosz, Jan Svankmajer and the German expressionist films of the 1920s.

Studying animation at Edinburgh College Of Art he met many of his most valuable collaborators and developed his animation techniques using puppetry in his films ‘Muscles For Breakfast’ and ‘Memoirs Of A Diva’. During the ‘Black Channel’ he started using animated cut-outs as well as claymation and drawn techniques. The ‘Germs’ promo for indie band T.W.I.N.S and ‘LOVEbox’ saw a move away from a studio set up into After Effects, in which ‘City Of Insects’ and ‘Cards Of Insanity’ have been composited in.

Music has been a constant source of inspiration as well has Eastern European art and culture. He wrote and sung onĀ ‘LOVEbox’, the soundtrack to his animation of the same name. Commercially he wrote the lyrics for ‘Live It Up’. One of the Spanish semi-final contenders for the 2017 Eurovision song contest.

Currently he has his first animation feature ‘The Garden Of Theodore’ in production.