Gold mask
Glitters in the sunset
As the eyes of the serpent
Sliver through the night

Rain patters upon the hot rooftops
As steam rises
Into the formation of his figure
Causing butterflies to flutter
Inside the bodies cage

Leopard print heart
Stitched up wildly in the dark
Unveiling his disguise
Moving like a sleepwalker

The Rain

Have you ever seen life wash down the drain?
Puddles of dark that drive you insane
And no matter how hard you try
Your karma is black
Like the depths of the night

People walk by and fade on the street
Souls waste away in the torturous heat
So hold your head high and unleash the pain
Cos ladies and gentlemen
Here comes the rain!


Chasing dreams
Whilst we’re still alive
Fighting handles
Against the swing of time

Dreams glow in the dark
Dreams are the make-up
From which happiness is made of

It’s so easy to slip
With one trip
Life can come crashing down
And dreams can turn to dust
Slipping away in the hourglass
Destroyed by disillusion or lust

For what we crave, we can’t always have
But if we try, we’ll die with no shame
Trying to live our lives
Fighting against life’s games

For when you’re a child
You can catch them in the air
But when you’re an adult
They can disappear anywhere

Marry me

Beautiful orchid
Blossoming in the evening sun
Sand dunes whipping in my hair
Skinny-dipping in an ocean of blue
As crystals of sugar melt in my mouth

Throwing you down onto a blanket of blossom
I tell you how I want to spend the rest of my life with you
A twinkle glowing in your eyes
Like the Eiffel tower
Lit up at night
Scaling new heights

Deserted playground

Staring into an icy lake
Lovers whispering saying their goodbyes
Salt crystals dissolve in my glass eyes
As tortured hearts beat like thunder under ice

The carousel keeps turning
As childhood memories fade away
Blurring into a playground of loneliness
As empty swings begin to sway

The whales of August

The old lady sat staring into the blue
Sun kissing her leather skin
Mermaids fork combing her silver hair
Playing cats cradle with her hands
She looked at the strings as a lifeline
Childhood memories dangling on her fingertips

Raising a horn carved from whale bone
A siren was blown echoing across the lake
Summoning the whales to the shore

Realising she had precious time left
The old lady crawled onto the rocks
Watching the whales dance below
Glittering sun bounced off the water
Lighting up her smile
Her husbands face emerging
In the rippling mirror

Reaching out her arms for an embrace
Her body tumbled forward
As she flew down into the endless depths
Eyes closed like a baby
Her hair unravelling like reeds

As the evening sun melted on the lake
Cherry blossom began to fall
Her cottage lying empty
Left hanging on the porch was her childhood mobile
Dangling, spinning in the wind

The German Filmstar

In a city of vultures
Glittering in their eyes
Red masts of television towers flash
To the dictatorships demise

Decaying studios from times gone by
Echo with the sound
Of the German Film Stars voice

With translucent skin
And razor sharp cheekbones
He never smiles

Whilst travelling high on a plane
Suspended in the blood red sky
He peers through the clouds
Watching autumn leaves fall

Whilst down below
Women’s hearts melt
On the East German sidewalk