The whales of August

The old lady sat staring into the blue
Sun kissing her leather skin
Mermaids fork combing her silver hair
Playing cats cradle with her hands
She looked at the strings as a lifeline
Childhood memories dangling on her fingertips

Raising a horn carved from whale bone
A siren was blown echoing across the lake
Summoning the whales to the shore

Realising she had precious time left
The old lady crawled onto the rocks
Watching the whales dance below
Glittering sun bounced off the water
Lighting up her smile
Her husbands face emerging
In the rippling mirror

Reaching out her arms for an embrace
Her body tumbled forward
As she flew down into the endless depths
Eyes closed like a baby
Her hair unravelling like reeds

As the evening sun melted on the lake
Cherry blossom began to fall
Her cottage lying empty
Left hanging on the porch was her childhood mobile
Dangling, spinning in the wind

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