The Narcissist

White doves flock from temples
As walls break down like mirrors
Whilst statues of marble and stone
Erupt into muscular mutants

A phoenix crawls from the ashes
Echoes of her heart smashing with shivers
As women are dragged along in chains
Stroking the narcissists ego again

Running his hand down the reptilian scales on his chest
He deliberately begins to slowly undress
As his horse thighs capsize
Onto the bride he’s impregnating on his bed
Whilst the mirrors reflect his body above his head

Angels look down in disgust
As lonely women succumb to lust
Though those looking for love
Will leave carrying their broken porcelain hearts
To be dumped in the scrap yard
In the dark

Dreaming of all the women dusted on his shelf
His orgasm won’t erupt again
Until the muscular image appears of himself

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